Stacey Abrams is not Done Yet!


By: Ariyana Griffin

Stacey Abrams is known for various things and she is truly a renaissance woman. She is a “New York Timesbestselling author, serial entrepreneur, nonprofit CEO and political leader. In 208 she ran as a Democrat for Governor of Georga and “she won more votes than any other Democrat in the state’s history.” But to us here in the AUC she is that and more, our Spelman sister. Although, she did not win she is still fighting for voter suppression through her initiative ” Fair Fight.” Fair fight helps to promote education about the voting process, encourage members of the community to go out there and vote not only in Georgia but around the country.

Abrams help a conference with student journalists around Georgia to provide them an intimate space to ask her questions about Fair Fight, her journey, voter suppression, and numerous other things as she was an open book. She truly understands what it feels like to be ignored by the system and why as young people we feel that our vote does not matter simply because history has only been repeating itself. This is why she is working heavily in this program to help change the stereotypes and outcomes. 

She stated, “when we overwhelm the system with our involvement things get better.”Abrams talked about how voter suppression is made to stop minorities from voting and understanding ho the system, which shows in itself that minority voices and votes are truly influential and powerful. If they were not there would not be an entire system to suppress and mute minorities. This project comes right on time because the 2020 elections are right around the corner. Abrams stated, “the rules of America are made by those who get elected and those who get appointed, and particularly as minorities when we are not apart o the conversation our views and our experiences are not apart of the change.”


Let’s get to Know G-Que

By: Ariyana Griffin 

IMG_3D65ED82C553-1Today we introduce Los Angeles native specifically View Park, Dylan Kemp, also known as G- Que. He is in the music field but he is not only a rapper but is a producer as well. He has been in music for a few years now, and his sound has definitely improved and evolved. To learn more about G-Que and his talents keep reading, every link to contact him will be linked below!

Of course, we want to know where everything started so I asked, “when did you start rapping?”

I started rapping and producing my junior year of high school. I’ve always been creative and felt as if there was a void of how I could express myself creatively. So, I started rapping and making beats and people liked it. Then around my senior year, I wanted to focus more on making my production better. Since then, I’ve produced more than I rap.

IMG_D0DF0F114F68-1The music industry can be a complicated space to get in if you do not know how to networking. I asked G-Que “how have you put yourself out there so far?”

I rap less now and produce more so to get my name out I mainly just network and connect with artists that I want to work and create with. I perform occasionally when I feel like it.

Going to school in the Atlanta University Center has its pros and cons. but one thing is guaranteed and that is connections. So I asked, “do you think being in the AUC has helped with your career so far or not?

I think the AUC has helped me in certain ways, and also hindered me in certain ways. I’m from LA so a lot of my music embodies that LA sound. And, there aren’t a lot of rappers/producers in the AUC from LA who want those real west coast beats, so I’ve had to adjust my sound a little bit. That’s made me a very versatile producer and has helped me with my career. But, the AUC is full of talent and people in the music industry, and getting to know those people and make those connections has helped me a lot! I remember my sophomore year of college I took a producing and mixing course at Morehouse, and I can definitely say that course impacted my sound a lot. It taught me how to mix my own vocals and just overall made me a better producer so that I could put out better quality music.

The AUC has also helped me expand into different musical fields. In my sophomore year, a beat of mine was featured in a short film created by my homie Daniel Bailey. Originally we recorded a whole song but in the final cut, we only used the beat. And right now I’m doing the sound design for Spelman’s fall play.

IMG_41F7EC127200-1Everyone has a holy grail that they want to create with so I asked, “if you had a chance to feature one artist who would it be and why?”

Probably someone from the Westcoast, Yg or Kendrick Lamar. I have hella Westcoast beats that I feel  YG could go krazy on. I also make beats for skilled lyricists and Kendrick is my favorite rapper right now, I feel like he could kill on one of my beats.

What was the first CD you remember owning, and how did it influence you?

The first CD I remember owning was Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Till this day I think that’s the greatest album I’ve listened to, and the only two rap albums that are even that amazing since it came out are Good Kid Maad City and To Pimp A Butterfly. Both Kendrick albums. The production and quality on that album are damn near perfect. All the beats are different but they all still flow with the overall sound of the album. The level of quality of that album is something that very few artists in general, especially in rap, try to achieve. I think that album defined my trajectory as an artist. It made me more concerned with wanting to create a full body of work instead of a project with a couple hits and a bunch of throwaways. Overall I think that’s just a masterpiece of an album and it tells a story, something I want to do with my music.

IMG_31A854F676E4-1What is your favorite and least favorite thing about creating music?

My favorite thing about creating music is actually seeing a song come into fruition. Some beats I make I don’t see myself using them so I’ll send them to other artists. Sometimes multiple artists like the beat and I’m like well damn let’s do something with the beat. Then we get together and create a whole song and it ends up being really dope. My least favorite thing about creating music is when I create without a sound in mind or a purpose. Honestly, my best work comes when I have an idea in mind or when I hear a sample and get inspired to make a beat. But sometimes I’ll just sit at my computer for a couple hours trying to push out a beat and it ends up being garbage.


Links/ Social Media

Twitter- @Thagque


The Classic Man – Noel Jackson

IMG_1BE4433C5B2D-1By:Ariyana Griffin 

Today I’d like to introduce Noel Jackson who is a business owner from Los Angeles, California at the young age of twenty years old. He is already making a name for himself in the city of Angels, with his clothing brand and this is only the beginning. All social media will be below so you can keep up with the brand!

The name of Noel’s brand  ” is Classic Apparel” and “it was inspired by originality and staying true to yourself.”  

I wanted to know where he got the name Classic from so I asked, “what is the background behind the name of your brand?” 

A lot of old friends I run into tell me I did not really change and I take pride in that. My childhood nickname was actually “Classic”

IMG_4314CAF46DCF-1What are some brands that inspired you and why? 

Nipsey’s The Marathon Continues (TMC) brand inspires me a lot. Giving that he came up dealing with a lot of the challenges I’m facing now, and his blueprint has gotten me this far today. Also, my brand is colorful because of my interest in a lot of colors. Any brand that explores with designs that have multiple colors inspire me as well. 

The legacy that Nipsey left behind has definitely touched and motivated thousands all over. I am so happy to see that The Marathon Continues!

Customers are everything when you are a growing business, they literally can make or break you. I asked Noel, “what do you want your customers to take away from you?”

I want my customers to walk away knowing they paid for a quality piece of merchandise, and that their support in me and my brand means the world to me. 

IMG_2358E9824DBF-1I wanted to know what advice Noel has gotten while being in the industry so I asked, “who gave you your best piece of business advice ?”

I don’t really take advice on business. I was taught that the best business advice are experiences, and even considering someone’s advice based on their own experience can tamper with my own. 

Why do you think first impressions are important? 

First impressions are everything to me because you only get one. I feel like whatever is limited is important. 

Now that 2020 is here I wanted to know what he has in store for the new year!

My plans for 2020 is to expand my brand further into the world and hopefully get a store my December


Social Media

Instagram – @classicxapparel

The Intangeble Angelo Burrell

FullSizeRender 2Angelo Burrell is a creative individual from South Central, Los Angeles specifically the Crenshaw District. While many innovators come out of this area, not all are Intangeble.

What is your brand and what does the name mean?

My brand is Intangeble Inc. and it means, “nobody can touch you in anything you do, you are a champion.”


FullSizeRender 3I was interested to know the backstory behind his brand so I asked, “How long have you had it and what inspired you?”

I started the brand Spring of 2018 and the track team at West La College. The team inspired me because I was only making stuff for myself at first. Big shout out to y’all, I’ll never forget that year. Go Wildcats!

Plenty of people have brands, and clothing lines but the true winners are the owners who know how to market themselves. I wanted to know “how do you let people know about your brand?”

I’m very big with face to face interactions with people but I also promote my brand on Instagram and Twitter. Hopefully, soon I can get a billboard in the District.

I think face to face is an amazing way to market yourself, due to technology we can forget how to engage with actual people. Seeing a picture of an owner and shaking their hand are two completely different experiences. 

IMG-4892.JPGAlthough he has created a vast variety of pieces I asked, “what’s your favorite thing you’ve created?”

My favorite thing I’ve created so far would have to be my “Intangeble Space Crewneck.” I say that because this is the first piece I put loads of creativity and detail into also, every time I wear it gets compliments. It also gets compared to brands like Billionaire Boys Club, which is a brand that is very popular in the city.

What’s the hardest part about owning a brand?

Honestly, the hardest part is that’s I’m a sole owner, no partner, no private investors, none of that. So I’m really taking a journey with Intangeble it’s like my baby. But like Nip said, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Have you ever felt like you wanted to quit if so why?IMG-5454

All the time, but I remember all that I’ve accomplished already, then I know I can do it. I had my first pop up in Leimert this past summer, and I went through every emotion from making sure I had all of the money to gathering tables, racks, and a Dj. Then, my Dj didn’t have speakers or a mic so I struggled running around town while dealing with performers who were canceling the last minute. But, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything because I got through it, and actually made something happen.

Being the only person to run a business can get challenging so I wanted to know “is it difficult to manage Intanagble?

Not yet, I believe when I start growing there will be more things I will have to worry about but now I’m able to keep track of everything. Difficult to me means things are going good. That means everything is running smooth from sales, to shipping, to taxes, and that gives you a sense of I’m doing things right.

IMG-5453What are some of your plans for 2020?

In 2020 l plan to have a collaboration with a big brand, have another pop-up shop, and invite artists to perform local or non-local. I also plan to design my first runway piece meaning, something that I can enter in a fashion competition. I’m a streetwear brand first but I don’t want there to be any limits on what I can do with Intangeble Inc.

Even tho being a business owner can come with obstacles I asked, ” what was something good that came out of being a business owner?”

Yes, being a business owner gives me a reason to converse with anyone. It also allows me the opportunity to create generational wealth for my kids to either continue Intangeble Inc or, one of my other future business plans through the family company Burrell Enterprises. Lastly, being a business owner is dope because I can recognize big companies marketing strategies. I have learned how easy it is to just do something with my life ever since I became a business owner. I recommend everyone to own a business and/or a property.



Brand Instagram- Intangebleinc

Personal Instagram- Intangebleangelo

Twitter- Opm_Angelo


The New NFL!

56C26505-DF11-465C-B607-57518B9DCC1DToday I introduce the exceptional Mr. Xavier White. He is a Sophomore Psychology major with a minor in Sign Language at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia.  He is also the chief executive officer of his astounding clothing brand by the name of NFLluence. This NFL does not stand for the National Football League, to find out more about the brand keep reading! All links and social media handles will be at the bottom make sure to check those out!


I was curious to know how the name NFLuence came about, it is so unique and the play on the words is highly clever! So I asked, “What was the motivation and story behind starting your brand ?” 

D9F3F8A5-E293-476B-BED4-B8B9973A066DHe stated, “I started a group back in middle school, around 2013, called NFL. The NFL stood for Never Forget Loyalty. I have been standing firm on this acronym ever since! Then I’ll say, about three months ago, I got this urge to want to make clothes and be a fashion designer, but I could not think of a name for the love of my life. Then I thought deeply about my morals and beliefs, and I realized that influencing people is one of my strong suits. So why not influence people on Never Forgetting Loyalty? So I just put what I already stood firmly on with what I’m already good at. That is how I got NFLuence.”

He also said that if he could describe his brand in one word it would be “unique.” I would have to completely agree with this! 

Starting a new small business can come with a lot of struggles and obstacles. Although no block in the road is enough to stop Mr. White, I still wanted to know “what has been one of your hardest obstacles you have had to overcome while building NFLuence?”

He said, “I would not say the hardest thing I had to deal with, but one of the toughest things I have had to deal with is my critics. By critics, I am talking about myself, I am my biggest critic. I am an upcoming entrepreneur and I knew that it would not be easy. So every day I just pray over my brand and keep faith.”

I love this answer, it is so positive and it is the attitude you must have to survive in the business world!

D8BA9AA8-3984-4B7F-B35E-191F92E1E318.jpegBeing on a college campus while owning a business can either make or break you depending on what you make it. You may not be able to found on it or you can use the campus as your market ground. I wanted to know how he was getting his brand out there.

White answered, “three weeks ago I came out with wristbands with NFLuence on them and been selling them around campus. I am also apart of organizations on GSU campus such as Black Sophomore Society & Black Student Alliance, and I also promote parties for Kvshtalk. I have been putting the word out through text and posting a lot on my Instagram as well as on my Twitter. Really it just comes down to promoting your self and investing in yourself.”

8625B7A3-D532-4C96-82F2-A76B4A9E22B2.jpegHe also said that the best piece of business advice he has received so far has been to, “be consistent and to trust his gut.”

With 2020 literally around the corner, it is important to think and plan for the future. I wanted to knowwhat are some of the goals for 2020?” 

He answered, “I have more designs coming out on my birthday January 12, 2020 and I also have a big Spring Collection that I’m putting out before Spring Break!”




Personal Instagram : @zayysmoove

Clothing instagram : @nfluencee 

Twitter : @NFLuencee







Morehouse College felt the Bern at Bernie Sanders Rally

By: Ariyana Griffin

Picture by Alton Pitre / Jungletography

The political climate has been hot, especially in Atlanta the past week. Politicians such as Governor Deval Patrick, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders, have graced the AUC ( Atlanta University Center, Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College). They have high hopes of casting the African American vote, and there is no other place better to come than in the middle of three, honestly, four because I like to include Morris Brown, Historically Black Universities and Colleges. On November 21, 2019 at Morehouse’s Martin Luther King’s Chapel, we especially felt the Bern. Bernie Sanders delivered a Democratic speech to students as well as citizens of the state of Georgia. And, I would like to add, Bernie came out to Pick up the Phone by Travis Scott which was definitely a moment for the culture.   

      This will be Bernie’s second time running, most people were introduced to his campaign in 2016. This time he is working harder than ever, and people are looking for the best candidate which is almost anyone but Trump. Bernie showing his face at an HBCU meant the world to me because often times I feel as if political figures forget about us. We learned back in 2012 that Black votes mean everything because for the first time African Americans voted more than Whites. When we come out and vote we can truly make a change for our culture because we are influential.

        As many know Robert Smith paid off the class of 2018’s student loan debt for Morehouse. This was a historic move because those students will have a great advantage by stepping into life without the hassle of loan debt, something that thousands even millions of students yearn for. Sanders stated, he wants to “make all public colleges and universities tuition-free” and that he wants to “cancel all student debt in this country.” This will allow students all over to feel the same freedom that Morehouse Class of 2018 was granted. He also wants to free HBCUs from debt and add 5 billion in funding to help produce more Black doctors and dentists. 


Picture by Alton Pitre / Jungletography

Bernie stated that there are “40 million people living in poverty,” yet he brings up that “we are living in the wealthiest country in the history of the world.” It is very disheartening that people can go days without shelter, food, and water in America when “ three people own more wealth than the bottom half of America.” So many people in today’s society struggle because they are living paycheck to paycheck simply because that is the only way for the majority to truly survive. He said, “ tell the billionaire class this country belongs to all of us just not the few.” Many know that Bernie comes from a humble past, he is from Brooklyn, New York and lived in rent-controlled housing. He was arrested for fighting housing segregation in Chicago and he knows what it is like to live from check to check. So, as a result, he speaks from experience. 

        1 out of 4 African American males end up in the criminal justice system, mainly because they are faced with poverty and have to find other means to survive. Many inmates cannot afford cash bail, which is a huge reason why they are not free. Bernie promises to end cash bail, as well as end the War on Drugs. He wants to make, “marijuana legal in every state in this country,” he is also going to “expunge the records of those arrested for possession of  marijuana.” Bernie wants to end private prisons and detention centers, as well as focus on funding education instead of private prisons. He pointed out that big companies get to profit off of marijuana sells, yet young Black men rot in a cell for the exact same thing. 

       Often people ignore the Earth and climate change, they believe that Mother Nature can survive anything. Ma is strong but she’s not indestructible. Damage has already been done, so we need to do what we can to repair what we have left. Bernie stated, “ the fossil fuel industry that your short term profits are not more important than the future of this planet.” He wants to transform the global energy system and move it away from fossil fuel. It is time for the President to care about the Earth. We are living on the Earth that our children will be raised on. 

        Some of Bernie’s main points were adding more funding to public schools, as well as raising teachers wages, ending student loan debt, adding more funding to HBCUs, have free healthcare, prison reform, climate change, as well as legalizing marijuana ad exposing the records or those in jail for selling or having it. His points are valid in my opinion, and I can’t wait to see how this election all lays out. No matter who you vote for just make sure YOU VOTE!!!!!


Cyntoia Brown-Long is FREE

By: Ariyana Griffin

1119-ES-CVF-005_preview-1-1920x640-1         On Monday, November 11, 2019, Cyntoia Brown stopped by Clark Atlanta University (CAU) to promote her new book Free Cyntoia.  Her book tour,  perfectly named “ The Freedom Tour” has been a long time coming.  Cyntoia was able to talk about her past as well as her future endeavors, sign copies of her book, and answer a few questions from Dish Nation’s very own Headkrack as well as some from a few CAU students.

cyntoiaYou may have heard about Cyntoia Brown’s unbelievable story, as she has gained the attention of major celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Drake, Rihanna, and even Lebron James. If not,  Brown is a 31-year-old woman who had been in prison since the young age of 16 due to killing 43-year-old Johnny Allen in 2004. She killed him out of self-defense. She had become afraid of having sex with him. At the time, a teenaged Cyntoia was dating a man named Kutthroat, whom she thought she was in love with.  Naively, she thought they were working toward building a future together but in reality, he was preying on her because she was young. He was actually trafficking her which is how she encountered Johnny Allen. Convicted of murder, Cyntoia sat in jail for years until January 2019 when she was granted clemency. Cyntoia Brown graciously set foot on the CAU campus three months after she was released from prison! 

        She spoke about her upbringing and how she didn’t know, until she went to school, that she was different. Both of her parents were dark-skinned and students also pointed out that she didn’t look like either of them. When she asked her mother, she told her that she was not only biracial but that she was also adopted. This bombshell news opened a new door of confusion for her, yet she still loved her parents. Although she came from a good home, she often felt too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids so she did not fit in. Cyntoia stated this was around the time she started to act out; running away from home and running from the structure of a home and school. 

She shared some intimate, vulnerable moments such as what was going through her head after she pulled the trigger and killing her predator, how she met her wonderful husband J. Long, why she decided to further her education, and also her organization GLITTER ( Grassroots Learning Initiative on Teen Trafficking, Exploitation, and Rape). It was such an amazing impact because so many of us have been following her story without knowing how it would end for her. As a black woman myself, I was able to sympathize with her reasoning, especially her feeling like she didn’t fit in anywhere. She stated that she “ was getting letters from people all over the world” who were moved by her case and prayed that she received justice. My favorite part of her story is that while in prison is that she didn’t give up, she didn’t let anything stop her, and she earned her Bachelor’s Degree.

      She stated that she was thankful for the small things, things that we may take for granted, like being able to touch the grass. She also talked about how the automatic soap dispensers and the automatic toilets are annoying, which I agree with! 

        The mediator, Headkrack, definitely knew how to shock a crowd. He got off on the wrong foot by starting the conversation with Cyntoia by saying “you were wildin at 16!” Mind you at this time she was being trafficked, dating her pimp, and she had also just killed a man.   I am positive that wildin’ was not the correct word for this. He also asked if she would be “will there be ramen involved? When he was talking about Thanksgiving. Headkrack reminded her that she missed the spicy chicken sandwich from Chick-Fil-A as is that were relevant, and also asked if she would “do it all over again”? This definitely shook the crowd simply because he displayed no sympathy or empathy for Cyntoia. We sat there, eyes bucked and mouths open in shock. Both she and the audience seemed very uncomfortable at the insensitive questions and his ignorant attempts to make jokes about her experiences. 

    719P0-8GfVL Although Cyntoia kept it professional, her facial expressions told it all. This was supposed to be a place for her to connect with students and survivors as well as feel safe and not judged. I do not think that space was provided for her.  I hope that she doesn’t get the wrong idea of Clark Atlanta because we were more than happy to have her!

The link to by Free Cyntoia-


Get Beat By Nxe

By: Ariyana Griffin 

B5XzS6Hf.jpg-smallThe Atlanta University Center ( Clark Atlanta University, Spelman College, and Morehouse College) is full of talented individuals! Today I will be introducing an astounding make-up artist by the name of Naomi. We will be getting an inside look of what it takes to work in this industry. Pictures of her work will be through out the article and all of her links will be below. So, make sure you get your next Beat by Nxe!!

What is your name and where are you from?

Naomi Akinpelu or “Omi”and I’m originally from Washington D.C.

How did you get into make up and who inspired you?

I can’t even remember when I first got into makeup since it was such a long time ago. I used to ALWAYS watch makeup tutorials when I was young, before I even had my own makeup, just because it was so intriguing. I would say all the beauty gurus on YouTube really sparked that initial inspiration.

It was no surprise that Youtube played a part in her love for makeup, I feel that is the goto place for makeup, hair, nails, literally everything. We love a good tutorial!!

What was the most difficult thing you’ve experienced while being a make up artist?

The most difficult thing I’ve experienced is probably embracing patience in the realest way possible. I believe I have a lot of talent, but it took me a while to realize that despite that, a steady flow of clients is not always a 100% guaranteed. Initially, that was so unbelievably frustrating. Now, rather than getting upset when I don’t have as many bookings as I would like to have, I constantly prepare myself with practice and building my brand so that when the next client books me, I’m more than ready. Simply waiting for business to come will get you no where, no matter how much talent you might have. I learned that I have to be consistently marketing and enhancing my craft on those off days. The off days were some of the most crucial and impactful moments of my career in doing makeup.

hejBrR2v.jpg-smallHave you ever had an overly difficult client?

Thankfully, no I haven’t had a super difficult client yet. Yes, there have been some that have gotten on my nerves, but I really try to be an understanding and compassionate person, especially when running a business. Customer service is super important to me so I try not to let other’s projections affect what I’m there to do, which is to slay someone’s face as best I can.

When did you start your brand?

officially I started my brand during my first semester of college, which was fall 2018.

Has the AUC helped in anyway with you growing?

Oh my goodness, yes! The AUC can be such supportive community and network when running a business—especially with the power of social media. Most people won’t hesitate to retweet your business, especially when they see the talent and determination you possess. Social media has been such a massive help in building my clientele and platform. Also, people are always recommending me to their friends, which I appreciate SO much. Every single recommendation, follow, or retweet helps me so much and I’m beyond thankful for each and everyone of them.

The AUC is truly one big family we support each other in any way possible. Even if it is a retweet, reposting a flyer, or showing up to an event! We love to see each other win. 

0UhRngmm.jpg-smallWhile doing other people’s makeup are you ever nervous? 

I struggle a lot with anxiety, so yes. In the beginning, I would always be extremely nervous while doing a client’s face, but at the end when they loved my work it all faded away. People’s reactions at the end always calmed my nerves. Now, I don’t get as nervous as I used to. It’s more of an excitement that builds up in anticipation of seeing their reactions.


How does doing makeup make you feel in one word?


cE6YDjPm.jpg-smallA lot of people, especially on social media, feel as if wearing make-up is a way of catfishing, or pretending to be some one else. I have always wanted to ask a MUA “what do you say to people who feel makeup is a way to “catfish.”

I don’t think wearing makeup is a way to catfish—of course someone is going to look different without a full face of makeup and lashes! I truly believe makeup enhances one’s own beauty that they already possess.

What is your goal for 2020? 

My main goal is to really build my clientele so it extends beyond the AUC. Eventually I also want to move into a studio off campus. For now though, building my brand, promoting it, and gaining exposure is my main focus.


Connect with Beat by NXE 

@beatbynxe – makeup IG

@nxe.xmi – personal IG

@nxeeee – Twitter



BR2CRAZE is an upcoming rapper from Los Angeles, California. As you all already know it is truly the year for West-Coast music and artist. BR2CRAZE just released a dope new single by the name of “I Do” Feat. Tayf3rd so make sure you check it out along with his other music outlet links and socials below!

Previously stated BR2CRAZE is from LA, but I still wanted to know more so I asked, “what is your name and where are you from?”

My name is Bris, like Chris but with a B. I was named after my uncle “Bristol” (everyone called him Bris) & that’s how I got my name. I am from West LA. I grew up mostly in LA but I always went to school in Long Beach my dad didn’t let me go to an LA school.

Every artist’s story is different when it comes to the start of their craft, so I asked him, “when did you start rapping?”

I had always rapped for fun, in middle school we used to battle rap. In 2016 I was at a junior college and my roommates set up a mic and we made songs on a laptop, but it was all for fun. It wasn’t until 2018 that I actually decided to make a “real” song and that was “Make it Happen”.

Link to make it happen

kMmre08_.jpg-smallMost rappers, singers, and artist can recall the first CD or moment that they fell in love with music.

What was the first CD you remember owning, and how did it influence you?

I was a lime wire kid I didn’t really buy any music. I know that sounds fucked up, but the first album I ever owned was The Carter 3 by Lil Wayne. I was going into the sixth grade at the time, and my mom wasn’t going to buy it for me and I knew not to ask my dad. So, I stole a CD out of a Best Buy. I wasn’t allowed to listen to curse words or nasty music so I had to hide my CD. It was kind of like my first “rebellion” stage. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be doing it and getting caught would mean getting my ass whooped ,but it was worth it. Once I realized it was no real way they could catch me I started listening to all kinds of shit.

LA artist are popping out left and right and they actually sound bomb! They are changing the wave of music and creating a sound that really can’t be impersonated by anyone else. It’s the perfect mix of the West-Coast beats with a fire flow and lyrics that’s making artist from the LAnd really make their break through. I was curious on his opinion so I asked “It’s really a great year for LA artist, how do you feel about that?”

I can’t really say too much, my mind is already on next year. Not to be condescending or anything, but I can’t really focus too much on anyone other than myself. But I see Rucci is having a good year, I see Azjah doing a lot of big things. RJ put out a fire album , Roddy is on his way to stardom. LA is pretty lit right now. Still the craziest shit that happened this year was losing the great Nip. The only word I can think of is tragic. Everything about it was just tragic but I feel like LA bounced back 100 times harder. It was real gloomy and grim at first, but looking back on the year I’d say we bounced back stronger than before.

What was your process writing “Decided” ?

So, I knew Decided was going to be the intro when I first heard the beat. It gave me almost a nostalgic feeling, and from there I began to brainstorm on the video. I ended up creating the video in my head before even finishing the song. I knew where I wanted to shoot I had a whole concept for the video already, before I even put the pen to the paper. So writing the song came easy because I thought out the entire video in my head already.

Link to “Decided” video:

TBQ6Rqun.jpg-smallHow does being from LA influence your style and your sound?

I think being from LA just makes me cocky, if that makes sense. I like getting on a song and talking my shit. Whether it be a West-Coast beat or not, I will say something ratchet and disrespectful. I can almost guarantee it. Sound wise I’m not really too sure. I’m always just being me in my songs,I’ve never tried to mimic a sound or clone a particular rapper. I spent my whole life on the West so, I naturally just fell in love with the Bay Area sound and G funk.

With literally a few months left in 2019 I asked “What are some of your 2020 goals and who do you want to work with?”

My only real goal in 2020 is to put out my first official full album release. All tracks will be produced by K Wrigs and I’m currently working to get features lined up and locked in. It will be at least 12-20 tracks so at least an hour long. I’m already excited to start actually writing and creating the songs. As far as people I want to work with, there’s a few that I feel we would mesh perfectly like EPICMUSTDIE, Dirty Dell, I would really like to get Azjah on this K Wrigs project. I can already picture how fire she’d be on one of these beats. Some other names I can think of off the top of my head would be Hey Deon , Lambo4oe , and Jayo Cortez.

How did your family and friends react when you told them you were serious about your rap career?

I’m not gonna lie I’m not the most open person. I don’t think my parents knew I was rapping until I showed them my first video. And even after that, I don’t think they saw I was serious until I started doing shows and spending every weekend in the studio. My aunt loves that I’m rapping, she always tells me she will be our cook when I go on tour. My friends reacted how I thought they would. Most took it as a joke, but the ones that really knew me understood that I wasn’t joking. It was hurtful to see people I befriended react the way that they did. There’s like a stigma attached to you when you first start rapping. Unless you’re already famous, everyone takes you as a joke. They don’t see your passion or hunger they just assume it’s a phase. All that did was add more fuel to the fire.

Pick the best artist Drake DMX Or Nas?

Drake by a landslide. Not even close.

Do you have anything new coming out?

I have an EP dropping before the end of this year. And I have a few more visuals dropping before the year is over as well. These new songs that I’m releasing aren’t the same West-Coast sounds I put out with my first project. I’ll get back to that in 2020, but for the end of 2019 I wanted to show my range and do more than one sound. I’m excited for everyone to hear! My first project “Off the Porch” is available on all streaming platforms!

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Meet R&B Singer Teenear

By Ariyana Griffin


Teenear is an amazing artist that I met at the “Ladies first” event at the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a singer and songwriter from Miami, Florida and she has worked with some amazing people in the industry such as Lil Baby, Fetty Wap, and Sage the Gemini. She is in the Pop/ R&B category even though her sound is unique. All of the links to her social media and music outlets are down below so make sure to check her out, you won’t regret it!

A3C (All 3 Countries) is a big music festival that is hosted in Atlanta, Georgia and some pretty big names come out such as YG, Wu Tang, and 2 Chainz, just to name a few. However, it rare that you attended a concert that specifically highlights upcoming female artist so I asked, “how did it feel to be in the A3C “Ladies First” concert?” 

It was amazing, I was so happy to be a part of the show and a part of that amazing lineup. I got to meet all of the artists and it was definitely a great experience.

She has already worked with some big names in the music industry so I wanted to know “how was working with artists such as Lil Baby and Sage the Gemini, and who are some artists you look forward to working with in the future?”

I had an awesome experience working with both artists. They were both huge blessings in my career and I can’t thank them enough! In the future, I definitely want to work with a lot of these empowering females in the industry right now! Definitely Ella Mai, Summer Walker, H.E.R , Saweetie… I can keep going down the list. There are a lot of women really doing their thing right now.

Where is the lie!!! Women are dominating the music industry right now and I am here for it!

Do you have any upcoming projects?

After releasing my latest single “Dollar Signs”, you should definitely be on the lookout for the music video and more music coming out pretty soon!

What’s some advice you could give to someone if they were looking to take the same career path?

Honestly, I would just say believe in yourself 100%. That’s the best thing you can do when you’re taking on any type of career because, if you don’t believe in yourself it’ll definitely show!

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you, but they should?

One thing my fans do not know is that even though I sing R&B and about love, my guilty pleasure is listening and twerking to Megan Thee Stallion, City Girls, etc. for fun.

I love the song “Dolla Signs” so I couldn’t help but ask, “what was the inspiration behind your latest single “Dolla Signs”?”

Dolla Signs shows my growth on my journey. I’m finding myself, taking more opportunities while balancing personal life. Usually, the typical story is that the man is handling business and being the boss while their girl is at home, and now I’m the one being more control of my business and it’s empowering.

What is the hardest part of being a performer?

I would say the hardest part is really just putting yourself 100% out there. Being in this industry is definitely one you have to be transparent in and that’s not always easy

IMG_1827There are a few months left in 2019, so we have to start having 2020 vision already, so I asked: “what are some of your 2020 goals?”

My biggest goals of 2020 are to put out my very own project and get on a tour

Which city had the best energy while you were on stage?

Miami for Rolling Loud!


Connect with Teenear 

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CAU’s Mr. Junior Darius Roddy-Moore

IMG_2461.PNGHere at Clark Atlanta University Darius Roddy- Moore serves as the 2019-2020 Mr. Junior. He is a Business Administration Major with a dual concentration in Marketing & Management from Los Angeles, California.

It takes a lot to be a leader on campus so I asked, “what motivated you to become Mr. Junior?”

 Man, what didn’t motivate me to be Mr. Junior honestly. As a sophomore I was Mr. Breaking The Cycle and I did a lot with that platform alongside my Queen at the time, current Miss CAU, Aretha Bernard. Her and I both knew that we wanted to elevate and serve CAU on a more broad scale. I told her one day that I wanted to possibly run for Mr. Junior and she told me she wanted to run for Miss CAU at that same time. From there we just made sure we pushed one another to be great to make sure we were worthy enough of these respective titles. My closest friends played a huge part in the decision to do this as well and of course my #1 supporters, my parents. I love them so much.

Lessons come in all shapes and forms and they can pop up at any time so I asked Darius, “what is one lesson you learned from being Mr. Junior?

One word. Selfless. The definition of selfless is when you are concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than your own; unselfish. This comes with sacrifice and so much more. Most of all I would selfless because it’s bigger than me or how I’m feeling. I don’t have good days everyday as it may seem, but I know that I can influence someone else’s day with my words or mood alone, so even if I am having a bad day I pull it together real quick when we are talking with the freshman from 10 P.M. to 3 A.M. or when I have someone text me at 1 A.M. and say,”Hey, I have a lot going on are you able to talk right now?” If I am awake, which I am, what am I going to say no? I reply quick,”Hey you want to talk on the phone or in person. Let me know!” People can vouch and say I’ve done that and many other things. Like sleep? What is that? It’s all about getting the work done and being the greatest leaders we can be. Accomplishing the goals we said we wanted aloud.

I love his answer because being a leader takes a lot, you are constantly in the spot light. However, it takes a real leader to actually lead by example and be there when people need you! 

What initiatives do you plan to implement for CAU Class of 2021 for the rest of your time as Mr. Junior?

The semester is moving so fast! So for the Fall semester I plan to have a Food, Clothing, and Toy drive as well as volunteer work in certain shelters in the Atlanta Metro area. Football season is over next semester, so I have some bigger plans to get us together that involve I would say beautifying our campus to leave our mark as a class as well as more things that bring us together to interact. Miss Junior and I have some big things planned for the future.

Although the year is moving swiftly I asked,do you look forward to anything coming up this year?”


I am definitely looking forward to making history alongside my brothers in TeJordan, Josh, Taylon, and Jave’l as we are the Inaugural Mister Clark Atlanta University’s Royal Court. Our goal as a unit is to show the men on this campus that there is a standard that must be met and that we are here for them. We have had a Miss CAU for so long with great representation for the women here, but nothing for the men. I’m glad to just be apart of this because we are establishing tradition, breaking down barriers, and creating new norms here at CAU.

What is your platform and how would you describe it. 

IMG_2462 2So my platform is,”What’s Next?” inspired by a few things. What’s Next? is ultimately a question I’ve asked myself everyday since the end of my freshman year. It’s something that drives me everyday and has opened up so many opportunities for me. It’s something that has influenced others to just be greater as well. First thing I do when I wake up is say,”Thank You” to the most high for blessing me with another day and then I ask myself,”What’s Next?” Even with the highest accomplishments there is always more that can be done. It’s so when you reach your goals you don’t become relaxed and satisfied. You ask yourself,”What’s after this? How can I level up from here?” You know what I’m saying. Like I’m never satisfied. I’m always working and always willing to add more to my plate, blessings. My goals is to always build a longer table so more people can eat with me and in general rather than a higher fence to block others from being blessed.


Mr. Junior’s Instagram is

No Pressure when it comes to ChrystalChyna

By: Ariyana Griffin 

3A46C426-9400-4EC9-81F4-C2B0EA3FB3B1Crystal Chyna is a R&B group out of the Crenshaw District in Los Angeles, California. One thing, out of many, that makes them unique is that they are identical twins!! Their music reminds you of the 90’s – good times and  good memories. Definitely check them out on social media and on music platforms using the links down below!

You might think that being in a group with your siblings can be a little tricky or even frustrating, so we asked, “How is it being in a group with your sister?”

Their response was the complete opposite they stated, “Being in a group as sisters is the absolute best! We guess it’s because of the “twin thing,” but we’re always able to sense when one of us may need help during a live performance or just have each other’s backs in general. We’re literally inseparable!”

When did you all decide that you all wanted to be a group?

Any talent competition growing up, we did our routines together. We didn’t pair up with friends, it was all us. When we were 14, I (Chrystal) woke up Chyna and decided that we needed to get a vocal coach. I knew that it was time to pursue it professionally and begin with extensive training.

Being an identical twin can be a little tricky to outsiders on the regular, but there are very few in the music industry especially as a duo. So I asked, “do you guys ever get mixed up in the industry?”

If you’re referring to mixed up as far as who is who, oh, absolutely! It’s funny actually because we have to remember that people aren’t used to seeing twins regularly, so it throws them off guard. It’s completely understandable.

“No Pressure” is a great song  down to the relatable lyrics, the melody, and I even love the music video. The early 2000s theme was definitely executed  but I was curious as to “What was the inspiration behind “No Pressure?”

Chrystal and Chyna said ,”The inspiration behind “No Pressure” was simply drawn from us dating and being young women. With us still being young and trying to establish ourselves, we find that when dating, you may like someone but you don’t want to add pressure of there being a title so quickly. The gist of it is having feelings that are mutual with a person, but understanding that there’s no pressure for anything more.”

Has being from Los Angeles shaped your sound at all?

Definitely. We’re from the Crenshaw District and we’re extremely influenced by the old school music that was heavily played in our neighborhood or by our family members.

58B94B78-73B0-4CF4-B725-5631A03849DDWith 2019 being over in a few short months I wanted to know “What are some 2020 goals?”

An EP, visuals for every record on the EP, and a healthier body and mind.

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you, but they should?

We can throw down in the kitchen! And we’re the best hosts, so if you ever come over, you’re in for treats.

Do you have any upcoming projects? 

Our debut EP and a few performances to be announced!

What is your favorite part of being an artist? 

We love being able to express ourselves the way we want to. Having the opportunity to create through our own lyrics and experimenting with different vocal techniques is like no other.

Growing up who did you all look up to?

Brandy! She was and still is everything to us. We saw ourselves, as little chocolate girls in her. Beyoncé as well. We try to model our work ethic after hers. Of course, we had first hand role models such as our Godmommy (Natalie Cole) and our Auntie (Chaka Khan).


C7C15D11-053F-4948-80A2-9BB5E997565F“NO PRESSURE” is available on all streaming platforms!

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kanye-west-howard-ss-2Howard University is currently ranked number 2 out of the 100+ Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States. It was founded on
May 1, 1867, in Washington, DC. “Built on three acres, Howard University would see to the education of 150,000 freed slaves by 1872.” The campus is rich in black history and it is known for producing greatness, with some examples including, Thurgood Marshall, Taraji P Henson, and the one and only Toni Morrison. If you have been anywhere on social media or even if you’re an alum, then you know the 2019 Howard University Homecoming celebration was lit. But even if you didn’t know, thanks to some controversy you may have seen it on the news. 

Howard University had one of the most contentious artists, to say the least, walk the grounds of their campus, thee one and only, Kanye West. We have watched Kayne go through many phases such as Yeezus, the unapologetic President Trump supporter, and even now the gospel worshiper/performer at his Sunday Service pop-ups. He has been traveling from state to state putting on Sunday Service shows as a way to connect with his fans and  promote his highly anticipated album, “Jesus is King.” There is no denying the fact that the man is a musical genius, however, some of his ideologies can be hard to follow. Such as the infamous “ slavery was a choice” view that he continues to push on the Black Community. He stated at the historically Black institution “if they throwing slave nets again how about we don’t all stand in the exact same place.” Umm, sir?? Do you think that Africans were all standing in the same place when they stole people from an entire continent, not a city or town? And let’s get this straight before we go any further slavery definitely was not a choice!

HOWARDIt is difficult and almost impossible to understand why Kanye would bring this up at an HBCU. Knowing that such institutions were built to educate and lift up generations that were still impacted by the trauma and degradation of slavery caused. The campus is supposed to be a safe ground where blacks can grow and become educated on their history beyond slavery. In my opinion, this was a big slap in the face to our community, and it backtracked all the cleaning up he has been trying to do to his image. In my opinion, musical genius or not, all he was missing was his red “Make America Great Again” hat. 

Although Kanye’s controversial comments caused some to officially cancel him, others believe that Kanye has really found Jesus and is praising in the best way that he knows how – musically. For some, he is using Gospel music, something that is close to African Americans, to get back in their good graces before his album drops. His intentions good or bad will always be a mystery in my opinion. People will always have their own take on what’s going on. However, I think it’s amazing that legend is making himself accessible, but I hope and pray he is in it for the right reasons.


Little Known Black History Fact: Howard University




By: Ariyana Griffin

You may have seen the question floating around, “Who is Airplane James?” Well, today I am going to finally get the answer! I do know that he is more than just a rapper from the Eastside, he is truly an artist who puts his all into his craft. Airplane James is changing and embracing the Eastside sound, so if you haven’t listened already, you have to tap in! In today’s music industry it’s rare for an artist to have a great beat, lyrics with meaning, and visuals that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also have meaning. You definitely need his latest project, Eastside Project, in your rotation. Another dope new project is on the way and you want to tap in, it’ll be worth it I promise you! Make sure you check the links below for social media and music links.

I wanted to finally get the answer to the question “Who is Airplane James”  and his answer was: 

“I feel like I should have more intricate story on how I got the name, but I don’t. My middle name is James, and airplane is something my Grandma would really use as a playful insult to me being hard-headed and wanting to do things my way as a kid. She’d say “boy, your head is just as wide as fuckin’ airplane, you don’t listen to anybody” I just ran with it as an ode to her.

But as far as who I am… I’m just a regular nigga off the Eastside that just so happens to be good at music. When you listen to me…you’ll find out. I’m a father, a family man, a son, a brother. I go through the same shit everybody else do”.

As many Los Angeles natives know, the Eastside is very different, like any other part of LA. They have their own everything, style, lingo, you name it, so I asked, “How did growing up on the east side affect your upbringing and your style?”

Man, I had a cool upbringing. I didn’t have it “super hard”. Every rapper says that shit, those niggas be lying. I was raised by my granny, who taught me a lot. I wasn’t allowed to go outside my gate until I was around twelve years old, I had to ride my bike and shit in the backyard so when I finally was able to go outside that gate, it was like a kid in a candy store.

I got into everything you could imagine, except doing drugs or selling them. But everything in the streets was enticing to me. It wasn’t until my friend got locked up and they gave him a decade that I woke up and was like…. Wait, this isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing. I feel everyone weighs their options and I knew then I wasn’t a nigga that was supposed to be sitting in someone’s prison.

So from there I started mapping out what I wanted to do. The Eastside instilled in me a sense of pride though, I’ll tell you that. Any Los Angeles native knows we are like the bastards. People call us easy, dirty, and all that shit, but a lot of history started on the Eastside. So when I started doing this shit seriously, I made it my mission to put us on the map, the Eastside as a whole. Like YALL GOT US FUCKED UP, was really my mentality and still is. Anybody from the Eastside know it’s a vibe. We got our own lingo and everything. Every other sentence we start it with “boy”, so you hear that a lot in my music.

Since 2019 will be over in the blink of an eye, I asked, “what are some of your goals for the rest of the year?”

Man, I’m already in 2020 with it. Just keep perfecting the craft. It’s a couple things in the works that I can’t speak on at the moment, but we’ll revisit this… say October or so. 

91e263a9-f9ef-409c-a707-663279a040ebWho is your inspiration and what artist do you look up to

My inspirations are my kids, my woman, my homies, they all drive me. All these pictures I paint, they inspired it in some way. As of late, I don’t really look up to any artist. But back then, nigga USHER was the shit to me, I ain’t gon lie. I grew up on Hot Boyz, Bow Wow, and just whatever was out. It wasn’t until I was older that I went back and listen to all the classics. People will probably crucify me but, I just listened to Jay Z blueprint.

Who are some people you want to work with in the future ?

Snoop Dogg, Arin Ray, Kehlani, Missy Elliot, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, Kee Riches, 22Icecoldbishop, Rucci, and the rest of the niggas that got it going crazy right now.

What is some advice you would give your younger self ?

Everything you going through serves a purpose and I’d tell myself to finish school.

What’s something you want people to know about you that they probably wouldn’t expect

They probably wouldn’t expect me to be as hands on as I am with every single aspect when it comes to my career. I co-direct, co-produce, and I design my own merchandise.

download (1)Who is the GOAT??! Lil Wayne, Drake, or Kanye 



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JAyP the Artist

By: Ariyana Griffin

CC1EA9E1-23B8-4F0D-9477-4832F0590B24Sunny Los Angeles, California is known for its rich culture and heritage, especially when it comes to art. Creative hubs such as Leimert Park, Compton, Venice, ect. are where artist can thrive to their best ability and express themselves in a way the see fit! There isn’t a place  you can go within the city that isn’t full of murals, art, or music. You may find anything from statues, structures, murals, and even urban art just on a normal day walking down the street. Artists such as JAyP help to keep the city of Los Angeles vibrant and full of creativity. We appreciate the art and originality that he brings to the table! Make sure to check out his social media below for some dope pieces. 

What’s your name and where are you from ?

Jared, JAyP for short and I’m from Los Angeles, CA.

What made you start creating art and when did you know that you were good at it ?

F8486222-E498-4AD7-9CB6-29213CB52416I first visualized art from my Uncle and Grandfather, also television. Those three were my main inspiration to start drawing. I knew I was good at it from the compliments at a young age. I only did art for my pleasure so it was a more self pleasing thing. I would only be pleased if I drew something that looked identical to what I was seeing. I always drew out of magazines, so I tried to mimic it as much as I could.

C70F2241-30A2-4A4F-870C-4651E84BFF34What type of art do you create ?

I create art that represents cultural impact, that defines who and what we are and how powerful it is! The different mediums I use reflects on the importance of a piece. If I’m using acrylic, it’s more of a fun, down to earth, creative piece. If I use oils, it’s a more serious, emotional piece.

Who would you consider your inspiration when creating a piece ?

Inner city communities, activists, pioneers, elders, OG’s, anybody that’s reflective of what’s represented in cultural impact plays a big part and that’s what I love about the art that I make because I can go anyway there’s so much impact to spark and expand my creativity.

What’s the most important tool that you use ?

Most important tool is the paintbrush! If I have that, I can make anything happen on any material! A paintbrush has got me through some good and tough times. 

What’s your favorite creation that you’ve made so far ?

I’ve had some favorites, but my all time fav is the Sade/ Lioness face I made.  I am still in love with how it came out. I sold it but a part of me wishes I kept it! It was a lesson for me to keep all my favorite pieces.

What’s one of your biggest goals with your art ?

0060B3C6-AD6F-42AA-A46F-CFA37B3F4CC1My biggest goal is not only having solo exhibits, but hopefully expanding my shows into films, books, comics, and merchandise. Whatever it is I want it to be everlasting and iconic. And with that success I want to sacrifice a lot of it to inner city youth to help them create an income for them to build their own income.


JAyP’s social media’s:







Instagram –





Compton’s Very Own Kee Riche$

By: Ariyana Griffin



I chopped it up with Kee Riche$ of Compton, California. He not only makes music but he owns a dope clothing brand by the name of “Get Rich.” Kee Riche$ is also a pillar in the Compton community. He’s definitely tapped and is using his platform to do everything from  giving back to children, to giving back to the less fortunate. As he comes up, he’s definitely taking Compton with him, and that’s what we love to see! His last project “From Broke to Rich” is definitely an album you can listen to with no skips! The link will be down below so make sure you check that out if you haven’t already.




What is your stage name and where did it come from?

Kee Riche$ is my stage name and the Kee part came from like just growing up in life. My nicknames have always been K, Kee Kee, Kee, or whatever so when it came to finding a rap name I wanted it to be hella original. I also wanted it to be something people would like so, I put the Riche$ at the end because that something that people like, money.

When and what made you start rapping?

I was like 15 or 16, I quit playing basketball and I just picked up rapping. I found a love for it, I kept it a secret for a while but I just went all in with it.

How did your friends and family react when you said you wanted to be a rapper?


How did growing up in Compton or the West Coast in general affect your sound and style?

I feel like it gave me a general sound to base my style off of. I’m from Compton, and there has been a gang of great rappers and artist to come out, even recently. And the West Coast as a whole has produced and influenced most of the music industry, so growing up here kind of gave me a platform of where to start at.

If you could describe what being on stage feels like in one word what would it be?


A lot of rappers make it and don’t give back to their city / come back to their city however you’re bringing Compton up as you come up what made you do that?

That’s just how I’m wired honestly , I learned a lot from Nip’s career and followed a lot of his steps as a man as well as an artist.  I feel like the moves he made for his community and where he came from was noble and respectable. That’s how I want to represented and be viewed.

What would you say to the younger generation from LA and what advice do you have for them?

Shit I’ll just tell them do what we did and bet on their self , don’t be afraid to listen to people older then you and actually take advice and criticism. Just believe in yourself and run your own program, before you trust in somebody and run for their program.

I know you just had a photo shoot with Pro club how was that ? That’s a pretty big deal!

Yeah it was real motivation and inspiration for me to keep going and go to the next level , Pro Club is big where I come from so to work with them was a blessing.

What are some of your goals for the rest of the year?

Just to keep succeeding, nothing set too high I just don’t want to  step backwards, everything positive and moving forward.

What was the hardest thing you’ve dealt with in your career?

Keeping my faith in this shit.


Keep up with Kee Riche$

Twitter- @Keeriches

Instagram- @Keeriches

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Hollyhood BMD

By: Ariyana Griffin

I had the pleasure to interview and get to know more about Hollyhood BMD from Inglewood,California. He is truly a jack of all trades! Not only is he a student at the one and only Tuskegee University and dubbed Mr. West Coast of their California Club, Hollyhood BMD is a rapper, designer and model.  The list of his talents and titles goes on to include much more.  He is featured on the song titled “Stop Playing” . Click the link at the end of the article and check it out ASAP! (Leave some comments). He has some projects coming up so make sure you look out for Inglewood native, Hollyhood BMD.

What’s your stage name and where did you get it from ?

Hollyhood for real. It explains me, I’m Hollyhood. I’m the Boujie street nigga

How is being an artist on a HBCU campus, is it easier to get opportunities or no?

It’s a lot of support fasho but I wouldn’t say it’s easier to get opportunities. It all depends on the person for real. If you want something you gotta make the opportunities.

Who would you say influenced to start rapping ?

If we are being honest, Uzi really influenced me. Not musically, but how the nigga was living caught my attention. Standing out and separating his self from everybody. You can tell bro was the richest in the room. That got me wanting to start rapping like fuck it I’m trying to live like that. Then, Drakeo and Shoreline’s vibe sold me for sure. I was like yeah a nigga needs to be up fasho fasho. 

What was your first time in the studio like ?

It was lit lmaoo I was cross faded and some more shit. I had the homies slide with me and recorded my first lil song foo I was gettin gassed up and all I was like yeah I can do this rap shit fasho!

Where do you see yourself in a year from now ?

Just further than I am now. I’m starting back up my clothing line, planning on releasing more of my music, and gettin back into modeling. CityBoi should be up up by then ! I’ve been doing that for about 3 years now

Do you write your lyrics or do you just go in and say what you feel ? What’s your process?

It depends on the song. Sometimes I’ll freestyle, punch it, or write out the whole song

Who is the goat Wayne , Nas , or DMX?


Are you working on any new music ?

hdgzrfcg.jpg-small.jpgActually I’m not right now, I need to be !

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Neosoul the Neosoulnurd Way

By: Ariyana Griffin


I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Neosoulnurd, she’s an amazing Neosoul/ RnB artist straight out of Los Angeles specifically Leimert Park. I promise you her music is just as dope as her personality! I love her singles L.O.V.E and Manifesto, if you have not heard them yet, check out the bottom of this article for her social medias and music links.She also has new music on the way so make sure you tap in!

What is your stage name and where did you get it from?

My stage name is Neosoulnurd and the name Nurd was my high school nickname and the Neosoul part means “new soul.”

Where are you from and how did that shape you, and your music style?

I’m from Los Angeles specifically Leimert Park so, that shaped me to appreciate all walks of life. Every Sunday in the plaza they would play the African drums so from birth music was around me. Leimert Park is a cultural hub for art, music, culture, jazz , blues, traditional African music was my norm.

Do you feel like your city is local artist friendly and why?

Yes I do but, it’s all in how you meet people. Be friendly to people and they’ll be friendly to you. I know artists in the Leimert Park / Crenshaw / Slauson district we all support each other.

What genre of music do you produce and who is your target audience?

The genre of music I make is Neosoul / RnB even though I’m open now to expanding that box and, my target audience is late teens to about 45 year old particularly black women.

Who are some artist you look up to?

Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Sza, Ari Lennox ,Ledisi, Baby Rose , some artist from the Crenshaw District are Six.Sev, Yung Kazi ,Danielle Davis

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?


What advice do you have for artist coming up, and what’s something you wish someone would’ve told you about the industry?

I would tell them to create what they want to create. Don’t worry about who’s gonna listen or be a fan. The universe will make space for you. I wish someone would’ve told me to be consistent it’s been a year since I created music. I thank God people are still listening but it’s time to elevate and create something new from this space I’m in.

What makes you different from other artist?

I’m thorough. Everything I put out has purpose and a placement in life. Also, I’m the Soulful Savage so it’s like I bring softness and edge at the same time I don’t put myself in one box.

As a black women do you think it’s harder to be in the music industry with all the stereotypes and that come with female artist?

Yes. Especially in today’s climate it’s like if I’m not shaking ass or rapping about other things I won’t get looked at. No disrespect to any woman that’s does because, it’s part of our narrative but it’s not the whole narrative. So many times I have had people come up to me and say “I had no idea you could sing like that”,  “I thought you were a rapper like the City Girls or Cardi B.” If you’re not being over sexualized it’s like harder for you to get noticed but like I said it’s okay for some but it’s not my thing.


Once again big thanks to NeosoulNurd and make sure to check her out on

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Duty to Vote

           As a citizen of the United States of America, when a person turns 18, they have a civic duty to vote, so their voice will not be silenced. This year, as a fresh 18 year old that moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend the illustrious Clark Atlanta University,  I voted for the first time. Originally from Los Angeles, California, I contemplated if I wanted to register to vote in another state and if it really was the best option for me. However, after being constantly asked at least 10 times a day to register to vote while walking to class, I registered.  Honestly, I did just be left alone and, thought nothing much of it. As the election was slowly but surely arriving my friend started to explain both candidates for governor to me. Immediately, it registered that my vote meant everything to the state of Georgia, and it astonishingly without initially relaxing it meant everything to me.

           On November 6, 2018, I missed two critical classes to stand in a line wrapped around a gym at Morehouse College to vote, but it was well worth the wait. I received a text message from the organization that I registered with telling me to vote at Morehouse College, however when I got to the front of the line, they told me that I was at the wrong location. Not wanting to miss even more class, I then filled out a provisional ballot. I had no idea what the back of the ballot looked like, I just knew who I wanted to vote for as governor. Although the ballot was completely foreign to me, I still felt satisfied I could have my voice heard.

         A day later I was told to call a number to make sure that my vote counted. As a minority, I now understood why voting can be discouraging.  You try to do your civic duty, yet your vote can still be thrown out. You can wait for hours in line to vote and then turned away because your address or signature does not match. With all of our technological advances, voter suppression is still a real factor in life in 2018. It’s also so hard to watch someone who is obviously more suitable than the other candidate not have the results that you hoped so hard for. As an African American it’s so important to get out there and vote no matter how discouraging it may seem because this is a part of our history. Our ancestors fought and died for us to get the chance to cast our ballot so we can be heard. Now more than ever, in the Age of Trump we must stand up and not be suppressed.

I Have A Dream

By: Ariyana Griffin

Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 6.28.40 PMBlack History Month is officially here, we have so much history to tell that it is impossible to fit into the shortest month in the year but still we try! This BHM I will be uploading an article every day in regards to Black History Month. I would like to start with my own version of “I Have A Dream” by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As a young Black woman in America, I tend to have a plethora of dreams, some I will never give up. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. let us know that it was okay to dream, and that dreams do indeed come true. I have a dream that Black boys all over America will not have to fear leaving their homes. I have a dream that Black boys can eat Skittles and drink an Arizona within being gunned down. I have a dream that Black mothers will not have to hug their sons a little tighter every time they leave the house out of fear. I have a dream that police officers will do their job and protect and serve their community. I have a dream that police officers will only take the job because deep down in their hearts they want to make a positive difference in their community.

          I have a dream that Blacks and Browns will one day get along. I have a dream that Brown little boys and girls will not get ripped from their parents, simply because their parents are deemed illegal. I have a dream that Brown people will heal from everything they have endured. I have a dream that people will understand the true strength that Black and Brown people have running through their veins not because they want to but because they do not have a choice to be weak. I have a dream that the generational pain within the Black community will heal, not only a generation but for generations to come. I have a dream that white people will not look at women as less than, but as equal. I have a dream that being born Black in America will not be a disadvantage. I have a dream that minorities will succeed in all aspects. 

        I have a dream that women will be treated equally. I have a dream of being a Black woman in America doesn’t feel like a never-ending hassle. I have a dream that Black men will protect their Black queens from the hate from the rest of the world. And, of course, vice versa. I have a dream that women will heal from the wounds that are deep from centuries of pain that has never been addressed. I have a dream that women will not be discriminated against because of their hairstyle, hair texture, skin tone, body type, or sexual orientation. 

        I have a dream that children in America will not have to fear to go to school anymore. I have a dream that God will heal the hearts of the students who feel like they have no other option but to kill others in their classrooms and strike fear and terror in their hearts forever. I have a dream that parents don’t fear sending their babies to school. I have a dream that schools will because a safe haven, like it, should also be. I have a dream that innocent people will no longer due to the hands of violence. I have a dream that the hate for the LGBTQ community will dry and drought in people’s hearts. 


2020 Fashion Trends that Need to Stay!

By: Ariyana Griffin 

As we all know fashion trends come and go, then come and go again because fashion is always being recycled. But instead of talking about what trends should have been left in 2019, we’re going to talk about what trends need to stay in 2020.

Tiny bags have become a favorite of mine, although I’m not sure what to put inside besides a stick of gum and my house key. They are super cute and trendy and are now being sold everywhere. The first time I saw one was when Lizzo wore one to the American Music Awards last year, the Valentino bag was so small it deserved to be on the front page of a Genius World Record book. Although they are essentially useless, I love the look they provide a chick vibe to any outfit and I vote them to STAY!

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.18.02 PMWe’ve had our fun with the small colored lensed glasses all 2019, it is time for the big, brown shaded glasses to make a comeback. We need sunglasses to do what they’re supposed to do! Protect our eyes while making us look cute. Jordyn Woods made us realize how much we missed them, I can’t wait to go out and get me a new pair of wide frame shades. 


Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.30.48 PMAlthough crochet has never fully left, it is coming back better than ever. And I’m not talking about that shawl grammy made you that you threw in the back of your closet. I’m talking about the sexy dresses, bra-lets, and shirts out of old school yarn. It’s such a classic and simplistic look that I can’t wait to see more of this spring and summer. 



N8 Carter is Up Next!

By: Ariyana Griffin 

XYMu5lqT.jpg-largeWhen we talk about the new era of the LA rap game it is so important not to forget the Eastside, because right now that’s where the vibes are. Today we have a Long Beach rapper by the name of N8 Carter, all the links to his social media and music streaming platforms will be below so make sure you check those out before you leave!


Every artist has a different way that they discovered, and started getting into their craft so I asked, When did you start rapping?

I started rapping when I was young maybe about 11-12 I was writing my own rhymes. Trying to write songs.

There are different writing process, one may not write, write after they have the beat, or even before, but I was curious onwhat N8’s writing process is?”

My writing process was really write lyrics to beats that I like. Random beats I always came across, I’d write freestyles every once in awhile as well. My writing styles has changed a lot since then, now I usually just get behind the mic and just spit. Whatever comes out I stick with or start over. My lyrics became more fresh and more passionate because it was the first thing off of my head.

 Joint albums in my opinion are dope, and its a few people that need to get on that wave ASAP so I asked,If you could have a joint album with one rapper dead or alive who would it be?”

If I could have a joint album with anybody right now dead or alive it would probably be Drake. I think we’d bring out a whole new energy between each other.


AA61A9A3-8084-4513-90D2-F9A6F07BA47B_4_5005_cA person’s first CD that they owned tells a lot about a person so I asked  “what was the first CD you remember owning, and how did it influence you?”

I think the first CD I owned was like Country Grammar I believe. That’s the album I do remember having when I was kid. It influenced me so much to this day because as an artist one thing Nelly taught me was how to make a hit. It’s not always about who can rap the best but he gave us music that would last a lifetime.

Whats your favorite and least favorite thing about creating music? 

My most favorite thing about creating music is the head space I get put in when I’m in the zone. I feel like I can’t do no wrong. I feel free I feel like I can be myself and anybody else I want to be. My least favorite thing is actually the tediousness off it. Not going to lie trying to mix certain sounds together can be quite frustrating at times.

Gawdly is the name of his EP, but he explained the inspiration behind it and what the name means. 

My inspiration behind Gawdly was everything really. Gawdly is an acronym for God Always Will Deliver, Love Yours. So from the first to the last song it was all inspired by events and feelings in our every day lives. I’m very concept based so every song has a setting, a meaning, and a lot of truth to them. I also wanted to bring a sound that resonated, I wanted people to really feel everything I said on every song.

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 7.59.42 PM

I love how hard Los Angeles artist It’s really a great year for LA artist, I wanted to know how N8 Carter felt about that.

It has been a great year for LA hip hop, so many dope artists coming out with some heat. Especially out of Long Beach. Long Beach has a sound right that’s just so different. From especially from all of our more stand out artists nobody really sounds the same and I think that’s what truly makes us unique. I don’t ever feel like my music sounds like anybody else at the moment and I love that.

N8 Carter stays busy, this is what he has coming up.

I have a clothing line releasing very soon for the ladies. I just wrapped my last shoot for the GAWDLY movie I will be releasing it early 2020. And I have finished my next music project so we starting off 2020 with a bang for sure.



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