Neosoul the Neosoulnurd Way

By: Ariyana Griffin


I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Neosoulnurd, she’s an amazing Neosoul/ RnB artist straight out of Los Angeles specifically Leimert Park. I promise you her music is just as dope as her personality! I love her singles L.O.V.E and Manifesto, if you have not heard them yet, check out the bottom of this article for her social medias and music links.She also has new music on the way so make sure you tap in!

What is your stage name and where did you get it from?

My stage name is Neosoulnurd and the name Nurd was my high school nickname and the Neosoul part means “new soul.”

Where are you from and how did that shape you, and your music style?

I’m from Los Angeles specifically Leimert Park so, that shaped me to appreciate all walks of life. Every Sunday in the plaza they would play the African drums so from birth music was around me. Leimert Park is a cultural hub for art, music, culture, jazz , blues, traditional African music was my norm.

Do you feel like your city is local artist friendly and why?

Yes I do but, it’s all in how you meet people. Be friendly to people and they’ll be friendly to you. I know artists in the Leimert Park / Crenshaw / Slauson district we all support each other.

What genre of music do you produce and who is your target audience?

The genre of music I make is Neosoul / RnB even though I’m open now to expanding that box and, my target audience is late teens to about 45 year old particularly black women.

Who are some artist you look up to?

Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Sza, Ari Lennox ,Ledisi, Baby Rose , some artist from the Crenshaw District are Six.Sev, Yung Kazi ,Danielle Davis

If you could describe yourself in one word what would it be?


What advice do you have for artist coming up, and what’s something you wish someone would’ve told you about the industry?

I would tell them to create what they want to create. Don’t worry about who’s gonna listen or be a fan. The universe will make space for you. I wish someone would’ve told me to be consistent it’s been a year since I created music. I thank God people are still listening but it’s time to elevate and create something new from this space I’m in.

What makes you different from other artist?

I’m thorough. Everything I put out has purpose and a placement in life. Also, I’m the Soulful Savage so it’s like I bring softness and edge at the same time I don’t put myself in one box.

As a black women do you think it’s harder to be in the music industry with all the stereotypes and that come with female artist?

Yes. Especially in today’s climate it’s like if I’m not shaking ass or rapping about other things I won’t get looked at. No disrespect to any woman that’s does because, it’s part of our narrative but it’s not the whole narrative. So many times I have had people come up to me and say “I had no idea you could sing like that”,  “I thought you were a rapper like the City Girls or Cardi B.” If you’re not being over sexualized it’s like harder for you to get noticed but like I said it’s okay for some but it’s not my thing.


Once again big thanks to NeosoulNurd and make sure to check her out on

Twitter- @neosoulnurd

Instagram- @Neosoulnurd

Soundcloud –

Apple Music – Neosoulnurd



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